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fast shipping from the united states
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The following are a few questions we've gotten since we opened and the best answers to those questions we could come up with.


Q: I hope all of youre inventory burns commie piece of shit.

A: We appreciate your feedback and understand that you are obviously very sane and normal.


Q: Why don't you support ______ organization or political candidate?

A: When we decide to support an organization or group with a percentage of sales we make sure the organization is legit and has a mechanism to accept online donations or donations via Venmo. We don't support political candidates because then we'd have to register a PAC or something and fuck that anyway. If you have an organization in mind, definitely feel free to email us at 


Q: Marketing to communists is gross and is counter-productive to the movement. 

A: I can understand that, but we decided to open after attending rallies and demonstrations and realizing that people were buying these clothes anyway and they might as well support leftist organizations while they do it, right? 


Q: Why is there no information about the founders and designers on the website?

A: We get a lot of hate mail, and we don't really want to be doxxed by a bunch of  armed neckbeards.